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Leadership Management Skills Development

Leadership Management Skills Development

Module 1. Emotional Skills (2 days)Outcomes

– Emotional Intelligence assessment and feedback
– Understanding individual backgrounds and impact on thinking, feeling and behavior
– Developing Self-confidence and Self-mastery techniques
– Assess understanding of present utilization of potential
– Techniques to deal with adversity and to take personal accountability / responsibility
– To identify personal value system and aligning choices / action to company Core Values
– Techniques in Managing stress and expressing frustration constructively
– Techniques in driving own development and growth and feedback to leaders / mentors.

Module 2. Management / Focus Skills (2 Days) – Outcomes

– Strategic Management
– Planning, organizing and controlling of work

Module 3. Thinking Skills (2 Days) – Outcomes

Strategic Thinking Skills
Analysis and Synthesis (Rational process application)

  • Sorting out complex situations
  • Technical problem analysis
  • Dealing with people problems
  • Protecting plans
  • Dealing with decisions outstanding

Thinking Adaptability/ Flexibility

Module 4. Action Orientation Skills (2 days) – Outcomes

– Introduction – how to get to Action
– Initiative and Creativity
– Persistence and Result Orientation
– Decisiveness

Module 5. Interpersonal Skills (2 Days) – Outcomes

– Verbal Communication Skills
– Influencing and Persuasion Skills
– Customer Focus Skills

Module 6. Leadership Skills  (2 Days) – Outcomes

– Individual Leadership Skills
– Team Leadership Skills
– Change Leadership

Measurement/ Follow-up/ Reinforcement.

Mentor/ Coaching – Measurement/ Follow-up/ Reinforcement.
Manage implementation of Performance improvement process in consultation with client.