HR & Labour Law Specialists


Basic Conditions Of Employment Act

Explaining Employment Act to employees and displaying them in correct areas within the Company

Employment Contracts

  • Checking of contracts and making amendments as needed
  • Compiling of new contracts within the framework of the business and the legislation provisions
  • Discussion of contracts with Employees
  • Signing of contracts

Staff reduction and Restructuring

Chairing of Disciplinary Hearings

Representation by CCMA

  • Preparation of CCMA bundles
  • Representation of the Employer
  • Registration at AHI Employers Organization

Training – Law and Procedure

  • Provide training to junior and mid-level management to ensure consistent and appropriate behaviour
  • Interpretation of specific aspects of the Law
  • Procedures which need to be followed during disciplinary warnings and hearings
  • Who is allowed to attend a disciplinary hearing

Code of conduct

  • Proformas
  • Grievance procedures
  • Policies
  • Principles
  • Types of discipline
  • Counselling

Negotiation with

  • Department of Labour
  • Representative of unions
  • Wages negotiations

Advice and assistance during strikes

Industrial Relations

  • Strikes
  • Dismissal
  • Unfair/Fair Labour Practice
  • Unions
  • Union Agreements
  • Disputes
  • Wage Negotiations

Facilitation of employer/ employee disputes

Availability, training and assistance with

  • Basic Conditions of Employment
  • All relevant posters
  • Legislation amendments
  • Minimum wages