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HR Policies & Procedures

HR Policies & Procedures (Handbook)

Effective HR policies and procedures (Employee Handbook) are extremely important, as they provide clarity, consistency, structure, security, control and fairness within an organisation. This ensures compliance with relevant employment legislation and informs employees of the Company’s expectations and their own responsibilities.

HR Policies & Procedures serves as a manual containing general guidelines regarding the employer’s policies, procedures, practices, standing arrangements, service conditions / benefits and employee conduct in order to ensure uniformity and clarity. These guidelines for employer-employee relationships, which impart information on acceptable norms of behaviour, work schedules, health and safety measures, employment legislation, conflict resolution and disciplinary measures are just some of the benefits provided in HR policies.

A comprehensive policy manual (handbook) has the following objectives:

  • Compliance with all employment legislation and best practices.
  • Facilitates the practical implementation of best practice for the unique needs of the organisation.
  • Provides clarity to management and employees on employment legislation, policies, best practice and expected norms / behaviour in a user-friendly manner.
  • Provides a consistent and clear response across the company in dealing with situations.
  • Ensures that the organisation is better equipped to defend claims of breach of employer obligations.

Impact on employees in organisations with and without clear rules & regulations