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Employment Equity Training

Employment Equity Committee Member training

Our EE training is available public, in-house and online.
Online training is conducted live with a facilitator, for groups of up to 16 delegates.

Course Outline
  1. Introduction:
  2. The application and purpose of the Act
    • Policy Statement
    • Objectives
    • Government Legislation and bringing it all together
    • Employment Equity Process
    • What is Affirmative Action?
    • Designated Employers
    • Who is affected by the law?
    • What about discrimination?
    • Defining discrimination
    • Examples of unfair discrimination
    • What about sexual harassment in the workplace?
    • What happens if you are unfairly discriminated against in the workplace
    • Developing the employment equity policy
    • The Grievance Procedure
    • Get Employment Equity working for you
  3. The Employment Equity Amendment Bill 2018 regulations
  4. Criteria for submission
  5. The role of the Committee members
    • Setting up an Employment Equity Committee
    • Duties and responsibilities of the Committee Members
    • Challenges faced by the Committee Members
    • Training of the Committee Members
    • Preparing the EE Plan
    • Implementing the Plan
    • Monitoring the Plan
    • Fines and non-compliance
  7. Integration of EE into HR Policies, procedures and practices
    • Renewing and reviewing all company policies to include EE
  8. Consultation
  9. Power of Labour Inspectors
  10. Align business processes to EE Plan

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