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Complying with legal requirements such as compiling and submitting an annual Employment Equity and Workplace Skills Plan and Training Report.

We can assist you to coordinate all relevant processes in order to ensure that your compliance with the required law is done in the most cost effective and time effective manner.
Employment Equity

The purpose of the Employment Equity Act (No. 55 of 1998) is to promote the following principles within the workplace:

  • Elimination of Unfair Discrimination.
  • Equal Opportunities.
  • Valuing Diversity.


This refers to the development of an organisational culture that encourages understanding and appreciation of diverse backgrounds of all employees.

HR Support can assist Employers with the following processes as to ensure compliance to the EEA:

  • Consult with employees.
  • Conduct an analysis of policies and employment practices.
  • Prepare an employment equity plan.
  • Implement the employment equity plan.
  • Submit an annual Employment Equity report and plan to the Director General of the Department of Labour.
  • WSP and ATR


It is a legal requirement to compile and submit an annual WSP and ATR.

The Government may audit the development and implementation of skills plans to ensure compliance with the Skills Development Act. Therefore, it is vital that Employers have their WSP and ATR in place.

Employers can also claim back a portion of their skills levy (SDL), based on their submissions and the training interventions they conduct in the organisation.

By implementing a structured training and development plan, Employers will also increase motivation, productivity and workplace effectiveness by equipping employees with the skills they require in order to do their jobs effectively.

HR Support can assist you with the following:

  • Identifying the SETA that your organisation is registered in.
  • Registering an SDF (Skills Development Facilitator).
  • Conducting a skills audit to determine the organisation’s skills needs as well as the current skills of the employees.
  • Developing a WSP.
  • Establishing a skills development committee. By law a company with 50 or more employees needs to establish a skills development committee and consult with the committee in terms of the plan.
  • Recommend suitable training courses.
  • Submitting the WSP to the relevant SETA.
  • Developing an Annual Training Report and submitting it to the relevant SETA.

Impact on employees in non – compliant Organisations Below