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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

HR Support’s ethical approach relies on values and principles embodied and applied by all its directors and employees.

For all stakeholders in the Company, this code of conduct details the fundamentals of this approach and the behaviour expected in their daily operations.

Our Values:

  • Professionalism – In the application of our skills and diligence in delivering of projects,
  • Integrity – Through consistently acting with honesty, fairness and positive intent,
  • Respect – For our Customers, our Company and each other.


HR Support condemns corruption, influence peddling and anti-competitive practices.

It ensures financial transparency and the protection of personal data.

It opposes damages to the environment, violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms, and risks to the health and safety of individuals.

Lastly, it fights against all forms of discrimination and harassment.

We live in an era of transparency and responsibility, in which declarations of intent do not suffice. Through our individual actions, we are all ambassadors of our Company and accountable for its reputation.

As Director of HR Support, I request all stakeholders to always act with integrity, in compliance with applicable laws and our code of conduct.

No circumstances can excuse behaviours contravening this code – it is our collective responsibility and the sustainability of our Company is at stake

William John Neuwenhuis
HR Support