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1. DISC – The Disc assessment will provide employers with information on four individual dimensions of the leader’s personal style and characteristics as to how the leader sees him/herself, how he/she thinks other sees him/her and how he/she really is.

Once the individual information of the leaders is extracted, this information could and should be used in order to assess team compatibility which is crucial to ensure efficient team work, consistency and cohesion which is required to ensure employees feel safe in the work environment.

2. Behavioral assessments – These assessments will provide employers with information as to how the leader rates him/herself on the behavior he/she displays with respect to emotional intelligence, thinking style, action orientation, management skills and interpersonal behavior & leadership vis a vis his/her role and where improvement/development areas are required.

3. 360 assessments – this is an extremely powerful tool – a questionnaire is completed by relevant parties/stakeholders (e.g.) the employee, his/her superiors and subordinates to assess and verify behavior displayed in the actual work situation.

The information extracted using the above three assessments will provide a very clear picture of the individuals in the current management team and what corrective actions/change are required on an individual basis.

The collective results obtained from the above could and should then also be used in order to facilitate further corrective actions and cultural change, where required, throughout the organization.