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About HR Support

Our Mission:

To assist Employers and to develop a Company culture where committed teams of employees which consists of a diverse group of leaders at all levels in the organisation, with diverse skills who, through constructive collaboration and positive intent, will multiply each-others skills, compensate for each other’s weaknesses and do great things, together for all.

Our Focus:

To assist Employers to structure and maintain the organisation in an orderly and clear manner to ensure high employee motivation, loyalty and commitment.

What Employers need to attend to in order to improve employee motivation:

What employers need to attend to in order to improve employee motivation.

As your HR Business partner, HR Support will become a dedicated extension of your organisation, ensuring that you get the best strategic and operational solutions for your unique employee challenges.

Our Services:

  • Recruitment: advertise, screening & shortlisting, reference checks, criminal checks, financial checks
  • Pre – employment management skill assessments
  • Employment contracts
  • Job profiling/descriptions & role clarification
  • HR policies and procedures
  • Remuneration strategies and benchmarking (annual increases)
  • Developing effective & compatible teams – DISC assessments
  • Performance management systems – Performance tracking tools
  • Behavioural assessments & 360 assessments
  • Statutory compliance & reporting (Employment equity and workplace skills plans & reports)
  • Restructuring – organisational structure and reporting lines
  •  Organisational development – Org culture & values
  • Training & development
  • Mentoring & coaching
  • Relationship building
  • Industrial/labour relations – collective bargaining
  • Dispute resolution (grievances)
  • Chairing Disciplinary Hearings.
  • Dismissals due to misconduct.
  • Representation at CCMA
  • Dismissals due to operational requirements (retrenchment)
  • Dismissal due to incapacity/incompetence


We strive to assist, support and develop your organisation and its people, the most valuable asset.

About The Director

William Neuwenhuis is a professional human resources generalist with over 35 years’ experience both at executive and operational level, and has operated in various industries, e.g., Electricity, Civil & Geotechnical engineering, Steel, Manufacturing, Retail etc.

During his time in the corporate environment William has occupied positions up to that of Group HR Director where he, over and above his normal duties as HR Director, was involved in acquisitions, mergers and the subsequent restructuring of the various business entities into an integrated unit.

He was also the principal officer and trustee of a number of retirement funds and medical aids.

Further to the above, William was also a member of the bargaining council for the civil engineering industry and an employer’s representative during collective bargaining at industry level.

He has extensive experience in major dispute resolution in labour unrest situations.
In his role as Director at HR Support, William’s main focus is to assist Employers to implement structures and training interventions in order to maintain their organisations in an orderly and clear manner to ensure high employee motivation, loyalty and commitment.