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Labour Relations

Labour Relations

Labour relations form an integral part of the HR function of any organisation.

We are up to date with the latest trends and changes in labour legislation and case law and have a thorough understanding of the practical application of labour law in the workplace.

We proactively seek to mitigate risks within organisations by managing conflict and adding value by implementing practical solutions to labour related problems. Disciplinary, grievance and union related issues also form a central part of the services which we provide.

These services include:

  • Drafting a disciplinary policy (which forms part of the company’s personnel policy).
  • Employment relations strategy development.
  • Conflict management interventions.
  • Mentoring on the theory and practice of employment law and employment relations.
  • Ensuring that all employment related practices and procedures are compliant with relevant legislation and best practices.
  • Facilitating restructuring & retrenchment processes (related to operational requirements) according to the Labour Relations Act (Section 189).
  • Chairing disciplinary hearings, incapacity investigations, grievance resolutions and work performance counselling sessions.
  • Representing employers at the CCMA & Bargaining Councils. (Conciliation and arbitration).
  • Negotiations with trade unions relating to collective agreements and dispute resolutions.

We also provide in-house training workshops to empower our clients. Such training includes:

  • Disciplinary Procedures in the workplace.
  • Customised content aligned with identified client training needs.
  • Industry related practical exercises, case studies and role plays.
  • Comprehensive training material consisting of practical guidelines and frameworks.
  • An overview of Labour Legislation and Code of Good Practice context.
  • An overview of positive discipline.


We assist our clients with any disciplinary matters as to ensure compliance and a constructive outcome.

Impact on employees with and without fair labour relations