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Employment Equity Training

This training is available public, in-house and online.

Online training is conducted live with a facilitator (one on one or in small groups).

Course Outline


THE APPLICATION AND PURPOSE OF THE ACT                                                       

  • Policy Statement
    • Objectives
  • Government Legislation and bringing it all together
  • Employment Equity Process
  • What is Affirmative Action
  • Designated Employers
  • Who is affected by the law?
  • What about discrimination?
    • Defining discrimination
    • Examples of unfair discrimination
  • What about sexual harassment in the workplace?
  • What happens if you are unfairly discriminated against in the workplace
  • Developing the employment equity policy
  • The Grievance Procedure
  • Get Employment Equity working for you

EMPLOYMENT AMENDMENT BILL 2018 REGULATIONS                                         


THE ROLE OF THE COMMITTEE MEMBERS                                                             

  • Setting up an Employment Equity Committee
  • Duties and responsibilities of the Committee Members
  • Challenges faced by the Committee Members
  • Training of the Committee Members

OVERVIEW OF THE EMPLOYMENT EQUITY PROCESS                                                         

  • Preparing the EE Plan
  • Implementing the Plan
  • Monitoring the Plan
  • Fines and non-compliance

INTEGRATION OF EE INTO HR POLICIES AND PRACTICES                                                            

  • Renewing and reviewing all company policies to include EE


POWER OF LABOUR INSPECTORS                                                                                                      


Employment Equity Training (2)

Online Public Training – the next training dates:

Thursday, 11th February 2021 (9h00 to 16h00)

Thursday, 18th February 2021 (9h00 to 16h00)

Fee: R 2 450.00 per delegate (Training fee includes all training Material)

Contact our head office should you require any further information info@hrsupport.co.za | 021 851-4265

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