Human Resources

In-House HR support

Set-Up all HR Systems/Department

Job Descriptions for all staff

Employment Contracts

  • Permanent staff
  • Temporary
  • Fixed Term contract
  • Consultants Contract

Job Grading and Salary Benchmarking

H.R. Policies and Procedures according to S.A. Labour Act

Company Handbook for all staff

  • About, Welcome, Vision, Mission, Co. approach, Staff Personnel record-keeping, Hours, Leave, Public holidays, Salary, Voting, Attendance and Punctuality, Salary payday and deductions, Salary review, Loans and Advances, Risk-benefit, Retirement benefits, Medical Aid, Retirement age, Notice period, Confidentiality and integrity, Dress Code, Long Service, Annual bonus, Appraisals, Moonlighting, Co. property, personal and immaterial property, Discipline in the workplace, Incapacity, Substance abuse, Firearms, Smoking, Recruitment, Promotions, References, Health and Safety, Skills Development. First Aid, Labour Relations Act, Sexual harassment, Increases/Bonuses/Incentives.  This list is limited and shall be expanded according to the company’s operational requirements.

Employment Equity Plan & Submission

  • Analysis of company procedures to identify possible barriers to EE
  • Development and implementation of relevant policies
  • Establishing the EE committee and facilitation of meetings
  • Demographic analysis of company workforce
  • Develop EE plan and affirmative action measures to address demographic and company procedures and gaps
  • Completion and submission of Employment Equity reports to the Department of Labour

Skills Development (Full SDF Services)

  • Assist the employer and employees to develop a Workplace Skills Plan (WSP).
  • Conducting Skills Audit
  • Submit the Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) to the relevant SETA.
  • Advice on the implementation of the Workplace Skills Plan.
  • Assist to draft an Annual Training Report (ATR) on the implementation of the Workplace Skills Plan.
  • Advice on the quality assurance requirements set by the SETA.
  • Act as a contact person between you and the SETA.
  • Visit and advise on appropriate training for the company which is likely to attract Discretionary Grant award
  • Submit the Discretionary Grant application according to the SETA requirements
  • Submit all reports necessary during the year of the discretionary grant award to ensure payments received by your company
  • Follow up on payments from the SETA

B-BBEE Codes and Scorecard – Plan and Implementation

COID/WCA = Workman’s compensation

Settlement agreements


Pastoral Support 

Outplacement Support

Employee Engagement Surveys

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Employment Equity EE Planning and submission [quote]

Employment Equity to the Department of Labour has a dead-line of 15th January. Discrimination must be eliminated unless you are a designation employer, should you have 50 or more workers and/or your annual turnover is more than the amounts mentioned below which is Schedule 4 of the EE Amendment Act.

SectorsTotal Annual Turnover
Mining and Quarry
Electricity, Gas and Water
Retail, Motor Trade, Repairs and Services
Wholesale Trader, Commercial Agents and Allied Services
Catering Accommodation and other Trade
Transport, Storage and Communications
Finance and Business Services
Community, Special  and Personal Services



Compliance for Designated Employees to implement Affirmative Action measures, the following process is required.

• Conduct an analysis
• Consult with employees
• Prepare for Employment Equity EE plan
• Report to the Director-General (Labour Department) on progress and plan.
Designated employers will face fines for the contravention and/or non-compliance of the Act.